Dave Heckman's Lectures

The following is a partial list of Dave's lecture topics:David M. Heckman, R.Ph.

  • Counter Resource Management
  • Survival Skills: Depressurize and Build Your Pharmacy Practice
  • Leadership For Today’s Pharmacists
  • Do's and Taboos of Managing Employees
  • Success in the Work Place
  • Public Speaking for Pharmacists
  • The Policies and Procedures Manual
  • Pharmacist First Responder Credentialing
  • Strategic National Stockpile-The Pharmacist’s Role
  • Enhance Your Community Practice Image
  • Political Clout for Pharmacists
  • Exploring Problems of Employee Pharmacists
  • Effective Local Associations
  • Employee Pharmacist Involvement in Professional Associations
  • Generic Substitution
  • Spanish for Pharmacists
  • Braille Rx Labeling for Blind Patients

Available dates are filling rapidly so call today.

Dave's lectures are:

  • Story-filled
  • Entertaining
  • Energetic
  • Motivational
  • Educational

Dave's lectures are not:

  • Lifeless
  • Dull or dreary
  • Irritating wall-to-wall PowerPoint
  • Monotonous speech-reading
  • Mind-numbing useless data recitation

Length of lectures can be adjusted from 1½ to 3½ hours.

Templates for handouts, program goals and post lecture questions will be provided to the sponsoring group in advance.

The sponsoring group may obtain C.E. accreditation.

To obtain more information or to schedule a lecture click on the graphic below.

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