Consulting with Dave

Community Pharmacy Services (CPS) provides expert advice in areas of pharmacy team management, best practices and reducing sources of work related stress. Consultant Dave Heckman, R.Ph. provides live phone consultation billable in quarter hour segments. Pharmacists find Dave's advice a great benefit in solving problems ranging from simple to complex. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.

Discover the Benefits of Getting the Right Advice

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  • Dave will help you be more profitable
  • Dave will help you become a better manager.
  • Dave will help you motivate your employees.
  • Dave will help you create successful employees.
  • Dave will help you become a better leader.
  • Dave will help you identify and reduce sources of stress.
  • Dave will help you improve your image.
  • Dave will help you develop, enhance, maximize and maintain your employee assets.


Phone consultations are billed at the rate of $55 per quarter hour.

Now you can pay for your consultation online with a credit card by clicking the ADD TO CART button below and entering the number/quantity of quarter hour segments you used during your phone consultation. Remember to choose UPDATE CART after you enter your quantity. Dave will provide the number/quantity to you at the end of your consultation.

To contact Dave today to schedule your personal phone consultation click on the drawing below .

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